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Stone selection and identification of three known points

Mar 03, 2017

1. color
Except for natural facing stones tonal options need to be considered, also taking into account features of the building. At home in the living room and bedroom decoration should use warm colors, to show a warm, comfortable atmosphere
And for bathroom, kitchen decoration suitable for refined elegance of cold tones, showing clean.
2. decorative intentions and environmental impact
Due to the use of different parts of the natural stone decorative finishes, so use the stone type is different. When used outside buildings decorated, required to withstand water and rain to Sun, granite because it is not
Contains carbonates, little water absorption rate, strong weather resistance, the best selection of various types of granite stone; for the hall floor decorative facing stone, its physical and chemical properties of stable, strong mechanical
High class granite stone should be preferred; for Dado and home bedroom floor décor, poor mechanical strength, should be selected for their beautiful patterned marble.
Haoye travertine
3. for discerning the quality of ornamental stone
Manufactured stone veneer products, whose quality cannot be identified from the following four aspects;
⑴ the view, that the naked eye observing the surface of stone structures. In General, uniform fine structure with delicate texture of stone, stone for all; ranging from coarse grains and grain structure of stone look
Less effective is not uniform mechanical properties, quality is a bit poor. In addition, natural stone often owing to geological processes in which the veins, micro-fissures, stone along the most vulnerable parts
Breakdown of health, attention should be removed. As for lack of edge and angle is affected, particular attention should be given when choosing.
B, that is, stone sizes, so as not to affect splicing, or cause a mosaic pattern, pattern, deformation of a line, affecting the decorative effect.
⑶ listening, listening to stone's striking voice. In General, good quality, internal density even without micro-fissures in stone, tapping its clear and melodious; on the contrary, if stone within micro