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Natural Stone Countertops Should Be How To Maintain

Mar 03, 2017

1. natural stone countertop maintenance
Characteristic is the large pores on the surface of natural stone, therefore in the process of with if any stains or moisture should be dealt with immediately, so as to avoid dirt permeating stone material surface. Colorless neutral daily cleaning use only water or a mild cleaning solvent, if overly acidic or alkali products may cause damage to the countertop. Use and maintenance of wax for maintenance on a regular basis, and for sustaining the natural stone countertops look texture.
2. stainless steel countertop maintenance
Easy to clean and durable metal material, usually with a dry soft cloth to clean, but it must be must be clean soft-cloth, and the stainless steel wool wiping, so as not to cause scratches. If using water or detergent immediately wipe dry with a soft cloth, so as to avoid unnecessary water marks. Professional maintenance products such as proper use of 3M stainless steel activator, long stainless steel countertops more luster and homogeneous appearance.
3. solid wood or wood veneer doors maintenance
Any natural material, do not apply to extreme environments. Therefore, too dry or too humid environment will cause damage to the wooden door. General wood door surface is treated to enhance the service life of the product, cleaning is best with moist leather cloth, then dry cloth to dry the leather can be. Detergent case must be used, you must also select a mild cleaning product, then wipe clean with clear water after drying. In order to avoid dryness and in maintenance and optionally bi-Rachel wiped clean wax. But also should avoid the use of Nitro or synthetic resin products, otherwise it will cause damage to the kitchen.